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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 23)


Hello everyone! This week, our PN students learnt that there are other ways to maintain good health besides consuming vegetables and fruits. We gave many examples, such as washing hands, brushing teeth, drinking lots of water, and exercising. It was surprising to realize that we were already following these healthy habits at home and at school. For English, we revisited our letter friends in the world of letters K and L. Our letter friends joined in to play with us as we kicked around like a kangaroo in a zoo and check to see how our storybook friend Mama Llama was doing. Our Math lesson consisted of an exciting oval egg hunt around the classroom. We searched high and low for these colourful eggs and took the time to count how many we found with our friends. This was a great way to end the week with lots of discovery and adventure.   


Our K1 students had an amazing time doing all sorts of activities this week as we talked about Chinese New Year and how this year is the year of the Dragon! We got to learn a lion dance and everyone had a wonderful time showing off their lion dance skills to the class! We’re halfway through our basic Phonics sounds as we started off the week by learning the sound /p/. Our students were very excited to play and give penguins, pigs and pandas hugs as they practiced saying this sound. We also learned the sound /qu/ and /r/ where students got a chance to be sneaky and quiet as they tried to sneak past a sleepy queen. Did we mention we got a chance to meet a robot this week too? For Math, our students were very keen on showing their ‘cooking’ skills as they finished their semi-circle tacos. Finally, for Cambridge, we continue our theme of going on ‘holiday’ as we explored the different activities we can do on a beach. It has been a beautiful and exciting way to end the term and we cannot wait to see what Term 2 has in store for our K1 friends!


Our week has come to an end on a celebratory note with the successful completion of Term 1 of our K2 year.

This week was filled with a splash of colour where we used our Critical Thinking lessons to broaden our understanding of Chinese New Year by doing many exciting crafts, our favorite being “The Peach Blossom Craft”.

Cambridge lessons were fun and energetic as we reviewed some of our key vocabulary and mastered using our prepositions correctly.

We spent our phonics lessons strengthening our blending as we were eager to read the many short stories coming our way in term 2.

We happily danced and sang our way from 1 – 50 in Math’s lessons whilst also practicing our addition.

Term 1 has been extremely exciting and energetic in which we have created many pleasant memories with our friends, and together we look forward to continuing on our happy learning journey in the second half of the K2 year.  


Hello Friends! Welcome back again to another week of fun-filled learning with our K3 friends!

In preparation for the Chinese New Year, our K3 friends dug deeper into the roots of this very famous festival for their Critical Thinking. They had fun sharing their knowledge and ideas of what they might see or do during this holiday. 

For Maths, our K3 friends went through a thorough review of the things they have learned in the past couple of weeks and they had fun developing their skills in 3 single digit, mixed equations of Addition and Subtraction within 20! 

Then for Physical Play, our friends took on the challenge of strengthening their balancing skills with the Twister game and their gross motor skills by means of team relay and forward rolls!

And that’s a wrap for this week! Hope you all had fun reading what our K3 friends were up to! Until next time everybody!







1. 認識吃湯圓是除夕的習俗

2. 認識農曆新年有互相祝賀和派紅封包的習俗

3. 認識農曆新年有擺放全盒的習俗







1) 認識新年的應節用品

2) 品嚐和說出湯丸的味道和特性








1)   認識年獸的故事

2) 認識大掃除的意義

3) 能創作描繪出揮春內的圖畫

4) 能向別人說出拜年時的賀年說話


主題: 「農曆新年」







學習目的: 1)學習擺放全盒習俗,介紹內裏的食物及其寓意









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