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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 5)


The PN Class had an amazing week. In our English lessons, the focus was on the letter B. We learnt new words such as ball, balloon, baby, and bear. It was enjoyable to play with balloons and pass them to our classmates. Additionally, we were engaged in an activity where we aimed and threw balls at a sticky board, which was a lot of fun!For Math, we concentrated on the number 2 and participated in a mini game; we threaded beads onto coloured pipes based on the numbers indicated on them. This activity allowed us to enhance our fine motors skills and develop our counting abilities. As for our weekly theme, we were delighted to learn about the Mid-Autumn Festival by showing our lanterns to our classmates. We are excited for the upcoming festival and can’t wait to see everyone back after the long weekend.


It has been a short but fruitful week for our K1 students as we celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival! Our students were very excited to share and play with their lanterns together, and they also had an amazing time exploring the different things we can see during this time of year. They are incredibly proud and worked very hard to make their own ‘shiny moon’ craft especially for this occasion. For Cambridge, all of our students were happy to continue our ‘Family’ topic as they got a chance to share and talk about their own families during our Show and Tell. On top of that, they continue to practice the alphabet, learning and tracing the letters ‘I’ and ‘J’. For Math, they explored the concept ‘long’ and ‘short’ as they found different objects in the classroom and compared them. They have also started counting up to 5, practicing their gross motor skills as they exercised while counting together! Have a lovely Mid-Autumn festival everyone, and we look forward to seeing you next week!


A radiant light has been shining over our K2 classes this week as we prepared for the much waited for Mid-Autumn festival. We used our Critical Thinking lessons to share what we were most looking forward to during the celebrations with our families. We also exercised our creativity by making paper lanterns.

As we were in very high spirits this week, after learning the concept of “Odd One Out” in math lessons, we participated in a game show quiz to earn as many points as we could by guessing the “Odd One Out “.

In our Cambridge lessons we continued to explore the theme of “Self-Care “, where we discussed the many ways, we could care for ourselves at school and at home; we then went on to trace how we would feel if we did not care for ourselves, this activity had us completely certain we are going to practice our self-care routines over the Mid-Autumn festival as we would not want to be missing out on the delicious moon cakes by feeling” tired” or feeling “sick”.

We ended the week on a festive note with our Mid-Autumn Class party sharing traditional food with our friends and playing with our lanterns setting the tone for the long weekend ahead.


Greeting friends! Welcome back to another fun-filled ABC learning! We hope you had a relaxing weekend!

In honor of the Mid-autumn Festival this week, for Critical Thinking, we talked about the origin story of this special festival. Mainly, we focused on the Moon and learned about its Moon Phases. Our friends had fun discovering how and why the Moon looked differently in the night sky.

Then for Maths, our friends learned about Pictogram - what it is about, and what purpose it holds for our learning. Our friends enjoyed using pictures in collecting information. Then, for our addition, we expanded our skills to adding numbers within 30 without using the number line.

Lastly, for Physical Play this week, our friends continued to learn more about arm strengthening and core exercises! They learned how to do a proper push up, mountain climbers and cross-body mountain climbers! Our friends were quite determined to fulfill their mission in becoming stronger!

That’s a wrap for this week! We hope that everyone enjoys their long weekend! And we wish everyone good health and happiness in this Mid-Autumn Festival! We will see you all again next week!







1. 認識廚房的設備和作用

2. 能認讀單字「口」並了解其字意







1) 加深對學校活動的認識

2) 鞏固統計和記錄方法的概念








1) 認識不同類型的玩具和探索它們的玩法

2) 能與老師一起訂立玩玩具的規則

3) 認識艸部首及其字詞





學習目的: 1) 能分享及表達最喜歡的社區康樂文化設施

2) 知道「施比受更有福」的意義

3) 觀察社區中的好人好事


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