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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 1 Week 8)


Hello all! The PN children have had another fruitful week at school! We started off the week with the family members revising activity, and reading the short story “The Big Carrot” from our Cambridge book. We had the headbands of the different family members on our heads to pretend to be a family and helped each other get the big carrot out together! For English, we talked about the letter D and words such as Dog, Duck, Doll, Door. We did the Letter D Freeze Dance and everyone was so when they heard the word “Freeze” in the song. We also had fun making the letter D Dog craft with our friends. For Math, we were delighted to meet another new shape friend, the Triangle. We played a game which we had to toss the bean bags onto the food that is triangular-shaped, like pizzas and sandwiches. It was FUN! We can’t wait to learn more in the next one!


Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting week of fun learning! In our Cambridge lessons, we reviewed the Family vocabulary and discovered various ways to describe our beloved family members. Additionally, we also reviewed Animal vocabulary and explored the different types of food that animals provide us with. For Phonics, our focus was on letters P and Q. The K1 students had a fun time engaging in the Hot Potato game for letter P.

For Math, we mastered the art of counting up to five. Furthermore, we learned to sort same objects together. Our exploration of colours led us to the introduction of the colour Green. To make the learning experience even more enjoyable, we embarked on a scavenger hunt within the classroom, with the aim of locating all the green items.

For Critical Thinking, we continued to revolve around our engaging Farm Animal theme. This week, we delved into the world of mummy and baby animals. We discovered that mother cats are referred to as cats, while their adorable offspring are known as kittens. Similarly, mother dogs are called dogs, and their cute little ones are called puppies.

See you all again next week!


This week is all about starting new topics. In Cambridge lesson, we did a big recall of our previous topic - The House. We recalled the different rooms and what objects are in there. We started a new topic on farm animals. Ask your child to name all the farm animals they have learned this week.

We continued our farm topic to Critical Thinking where we learned what it is like in a farm through a story book. In addition, we had a discussion on the importance of farms to human beings. Farms provide a safe place for animals to live in so that we can get meat and milk from them. Farms also provide fruit and vegetables for us so we can be healthy.

Finally, in Math, we continued our counting and number recognition. K2s are now more familiar with numbers 1 1-20. This week has been a great week of learning. See you again next week!


Welcome to week 8! In this week, our K3 students have continued to learn all about Cows in our Critical Thinking class. Our K3 students got to try milking a cow by squeezing the “udder” and “teats”, and shaking a bottle of heavy cream to make butter! We are grateful that farm animals provide us with so many food products.

For Math, we have learned about symmetry and how we can make symmetrical patterns with origami and scissors. We have also learned that the two sides of our faces are different, and we can call it asymmetry!

For Cambridge, the K3 students were introduced to using ‘does’ to ask and answer questions. We use ‘does’ when we are talking about a person, an animal or a thing (he, she or it).

Thank you for tuning in! We look forward to coming back to learn more next time. See you!

PN 主題----「我愛上學」





1. 認識校徽及其象徵意義

2. 培養良好的生活禮儀

3. 加深了解上學規則,強化幼兒的品德行為


主題:「我的家」─ 了解我的家




學習目標: 1) 認識各種家居用品的名稱及用途 2) 知道進入別人房間前要敲門

3) 培養「自己的事情自己做」的態度






1) 認識及介紹自己喜愛的玩具

2) 認識玩具店是售賣玩具的地方

3) 學習尊重別人的興趣和喜好

4) 鞏固對獨體字字形結構的認識





1. 認識水中和會飛的動物名稱及習性

2. 探索各項的動物之最

3. 培養愛護和珍惜海洋生態的情操

普通話兒歌 PN





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