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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 10)


Welcome to another exciting week in our Pre-Nursery class as our little ones are back to school after a fun-filled Easter break. This week, we explored the letter Q through engaging activities that made learning fun and interactive. Our little artists loved showing their creativity in Q tip painting and also had a blast decorating a crown for the queen.

In our math lesson, we hopped into the world of numbers with a focus on the number 8. From counting eight woolen sheep to creating number 8 art projects, our Pre-Nursery students had a blast mastering this numerical wonder.

Our theme of the week revolved around the adorable and fluffy creature - the rabbit! From learning interesting facts about rabbits to creating rabbit-themed art and craft projects, our little ones immersed themselves in the enchanting world of these furry friends. As we wrap up another exciting week at our Pre-Nursery, we are filled with anticipation for the adventures that await us in the coming week.


Greetings everyone! Welcome to week 10 of our exciting learning adventure. As the students returned to school after a long Easter break, their hearts brimmed with joy. They eagerly shared how they spent their holidays with their loved ones and friends.

In Cambridge class, we delved deeper into the captivating world of food. The students learnt which foods come from soil and trees.

In our phonics sessions, we focused on the sounds /n/ and /p/. Through engaging activities, the students practiced these sounds and enhanced their phonetic skills.

During our math lessons, we introduced a new pattern - AABAAB. The students had a fantastic time crafting their very own AAB patterns using toys. Furthermore, we counted up to number 15.

For Critical Thinking, we introduced a new topic: "Hong Kong Transport." Our discussions centered around the various forms of land transportation in Hong Kong and how many wheels each transport have.

It was a fun week at school. Looking forward to seeing you all again next week!


Following the long Easter break, the K2 students eagerly anticipated their return to school and filled with enthusiasm to learn new things. This week, our K2 class dove in and learned about Water Transportation during our Critical Thinking class. Playing a guessing game, we worked together as a group to identify various forms of water transport. We then channelled our creativity and made an art work about boats.

During our Math lesson, we enjoyed interactive games aimed at revising the previously covered topic before our holiday. The K2 students revisited the concept of neighbouring numbers, skilfully selecting the appropriate digits to complete the missing sequences.  Then, the students did some sums as well to recall the topic of addition.

In our Cambridge lesson, we continued our lesson on toys. In addition, we had a story time session where we learned a valuable lessons on sportsmanship. Through the narrative, we grasped the importance of honesty when participating in a race. We realised that by embodying these qualities, we can come out as a true winner.


Welcome back to ABC! We hope everyone had an awesome Easter holiday! In this week, our K3 students continued to learn more about Space. We talked about how astronauts used to travel to space in space shuttles. Unfortunately, space shuttles were too dangerous for astronauts and too expensive to maintain so we cannot see them anymore.

For math, our K3 students continued to learn about Hong Kong coins and addition with carry over. We played games and learned how to write the correct amount of money with the coins given. We look forward to playing shopping games which we will have to pay with toy money!

That’s all for this week! We hope to have even more fun in the next one! See you!






學習目的: (1) 認識「蛋」字及其意義

(2) 認識由水果製成的食物

(3) 認識水果切開和未切開的樣子







1. 認識豆類的制成品。

2. 鼓勵兒童嘗試不同的食物,並養成不偏食的習慣。








1) 探索不同質料的「路面」

2) 認識立體有不同形狀的面

3) 能分辨可以滾動的物品





學習目的: (1)  能分辨電池的正極和負極


(3) 知道節約電源的重要性







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