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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 14)


The PN students have had an incredibly heartfelt and touching week filled with love and appreciation. This month's focus on Mother's Day has been a joy for the young learners, who have been fully immersed in creating beautiful heart-shaped crafts and expressing their gratitude for their moms. In math, the students have been captivated by the letter T, and they were identifying the letter T in words and objects around them. Additionally, the students were introduced to a new symbol of love this week - the heart shape. The students were thrilled to learn about the significance of the heart shape and its representation of love and affection. They created heart-shaped artwork with playdough. The PN students can't wait to celebrate Mother's Day with their mommies and continue spreading love and kindness in the days to come.


Our K1 students have been incredibly busy this week as they prepare a lot of special surprises for their mummies to celebrate Mother’s Day! Not only have they been working very hard on their performances, but they have also been making beautiful presents to show their mummies how much they love and appreciate them. We have started a new topic for Cambridge this week as our K1 students have enjoyed exploring different jobs. They had a fantastic time finding different uniforms and dressing up as different occupations and discovering the terms ‘He’ and ‘She’. For Phonics, we continue practicing our blending and writing, learning how to blend with /b/ and /l/. Finally, for Math, we have practiced counting up to 15 and are now beginning to count up to 16! Everyone was keen to show their organizational skills as they practice sorting similar things together. We hope you had a wonderful Friday spending Mother’s Day with us and we cannot wait for more learning next week!


The theme for Critical Thinking this week is Mother’s Day. Students were asked to share about their previous activities on Mother’s Day as well as thinking of new activities that they would like to do with their mummies for this Mother’s day. We also had all the mummies coming into the school and listened to their children performing a Mother’s Day song for them. It was indeed a truly special and heart-warming moment. We also took lots of photos for our students and their mummies to celebrate Mother’s day together. Happy Mother’s Day to all!

For Math, we continued with the concept of half past and we looked at both the analogue and digital format. It made looking at the time so much more fun since now we are able to recognise half past and being able to read the time out all by ourselves!


What an awesome week we’ve had here at ABC! Our K3 students have worked diligently to give our best performances for our Mother’s Day Concert. We have been so excited to show you all our hard work. For our Critical Thinking this week we touched on one of our character building aspects of our core values here at ABC; Empathy. We discussed ways to not only understand how someone is feeling and why, but also how we can help those around us as well.  For our Maths this week we reviewed past concepts, as well as building upon deciphering word problems using addition with sums up to 50. We really hope all the mommies and grandmothers that got to attend enjoyed our performances, and thank you again to all the mommies out there for everything you do. We appreciate all that you do for us and our students. Happy Mother’s Day, and have a wonderful holiday!















學習目的: (1) 能選擇自己喜愛的交通工具

(2) 認識交通燈和不同的行人過路設施

(3) 懂得感謝母親對自己的愛護





1.       學習尊重不同膚色、種族和文化的人

2.       培養互助互愛的態度 3. 認識世界之最的事物


主題: 「交通工具」 今週繼續主題「交通工具」,老師透過影片與幼兒分享乘搭海上交通工具的 體驗並教導他們要遵守乘搭渡輪的安全規則及禮儀。 另外,老師亦與幼兒探討了車輪的形狀和紋理並讓他們比較不同形狀的輪 子的分別。此外,老師與幼兒一起探索了不同路面及其光滑程度對輪子滾 動速度的影響,讓他們了解車子在平滑的道路可行駛得比較𣈱順和快。 再者,老師亦透過圖片與幼兒討論了在港鐵時需要注重的禮儀及八達通的 款式。 最後,老師以遊戲講解了比喻句和重溫了擴張句子等語文技巧。 學習目的: 1)學習海上交通工具與我們日常生活的關係 2)學習乘搭港鐵的禮儀 3)學習不同路面和輪軚滾動速度的關係


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