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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 15)


Our young learners have embarked on another thrilling adventure of exploration! This week, they delved into the world of water transportation, learning about various types of vessels such as ships, yachts, and sailboats. The children were captivated by images of these boats and even teamed up to row together while singing songs about boats during their music class. When it came to revisiting their letter friends S and T, they pretended to be detectives, using their problem-solving skills to match real objects to their corresponding letters. There were other cool activities such as dancing, storytelling, and singing action songs that kept the children engaged while learning about fast and slow Math concepts. It’s fascinating watching the student gain more knowledge and share it amongst themselves. We all look forward to the next exciting journey of exploration with the PN students.


It’s been an interesting week for us in K1 this week as we have indulged in a lot of interesting discussions. We started our May topic of “Character Awareness” by focusing on the character trait of ‘kindness’. We spoke about lots of different hypothetical scenarios that we encounter on a daily basis and how we can show kindness in these situations; what an interesting way for our K1s to practice their critical thinking and conversational skills simultaneously! We also continued to practice our use of the pronouns ‘he’ and ‘she’ as we looked at how people who work in different occupations help us.  Math was full of surprises this week as we introduced the colour silver to the students and they really enjoyed looking for silver objects around the classroom and talking about the jewelry that their mommies wear. The week ended with a fun- filled and colourful birthday party, where we learned ‘new’ games from the 70s and 80s!


We started the new week off with a fresh attempt at revising our blending and decoding skills, which allowed us to begin writing short funny sentences that we shared with our classmates and got to have a good laugh about.

Our Critical Thinking lessons were engaging as we role-played the story The Boy who Cried Wolf as part of discussing our theme – Honesty. After we reflected on the story, we agreed that it was important that we always tell the truth no matter what.

With our focus in our Cambridge lesson being on learning the different days of the week, our excitement had started to rise as we waited in anticipation for Thursday to arrive as it was the day when we got to visit Brighter Smiles Playland. This was a great learning experience for us which we couldn’t wait to tell our parents about.

After such an adventure packed week, Friday had arrived and we had spent the day indulging in delicious birthday treats and playing with our friends.


Welcome back friends! This week has been interesting for our K3 friends! For Critical Thinking this week, our friends did a revision of what they have learned during their Empathy lesson, and how they can apply it in our daily lives. Then for Maths, our friends were introduced to Fractions – what fraction is and understanding the concept of wholes and halves. For their addition, they tackled on their Chinese Word problems with carry-over. Finally, our friends had an in-depth discussion of the upcoming birthday party activities for the month of May. They sure are excited about the fun-filled excitement that awaits them! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend ahead and we shall see you all again soon!







1. 認識人像燈的用途

2. 能說出最喜歡的交通工具

3. 重温「車」、「船」的字形和字義










本週是「認識世界」最後一週,通過簡報認識人類生活對地球的破壞和當中的影響,讓幼兒討論愛護地球的方法。過程中,幼兒踴躍表達意見,而幼兒對垃圾分類的認知有不少經驗,而在垃圾分類的遊戲中,能夠清晰地分辨,並放入正確回收箱教具中。最後,通過圖工活動,加深幼兒保護地球,珍惜資源的態度。 學習目標﹕

1.  認識人類生活對地球的破壞和當中的影響

2.  討論愛護地球的方法

3. 學習垃圾分類


主題: 「交通工具」










普通話兒歌 PN





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