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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 18)


Hi to all of you! Welcome to Week 18! Our PN classes continued the theme “The Park” this week and we got to explore flowers. We had lots of fun moving like growing flowers with colourful scarves and making our own beautiful tissue paper flower crafts in the lesson! For English, we revised our letters, letter U and letter V. We had a fabulous time looking for some flowers with the pictures on them and matching them to the correct beginning letter stems. Another interesting concept we talked about this week was light and dark. We got to explore the darkness with shining torches in the classroom and learn to make the different hand shadow puppets! What another amazing week it was! See you all the following week!


Welcome to week 18 of learning at ABC. As we stepped in to the month of June, we took the time to honor and appreciate our fathers. We also shared what we like to do with our fathers. To celebrate our loving fathers, we read a book called “Happy Father’s Day”.

In Phonics, we introduced the sounds /y/ and /w/ and engaged in blending activities to practice these sounds.

For Cambridge, we began a new topic called “My Clothes”. The key vocabulary words for this unit include: coat, boots, gloves, hat, jeans, scarf, sweater and T-shirt.

During our Math lessons, we counted up to 18. We also had fun exploring colour mixing – it was exciting to see red and blue combine together to make purple.

It was a fun and enriching week. We look forward to seeing you all again next week as we continue our learning journey.


The week has gone by so fast with loads of learning in our K2 class. As we stepped into the month of June, we devoted our thoughts to our fathers and acknowledged their significance in our lives. To set the mood for our exceptional dads, we read a book together called “It's Father's Day” written by Maddie Spalding. We also started writing our messages to our dad for a special Father’s Day card.

We kicked off our phonics lesson with a reading day, during which we engaged in a review of our sounds. Students had the opportunity to play the role of the teacher and identify sounds for their classmates. Building upon this reading day, we proceeded to refresh our memory of sight words and finally reading our story of the week.

In our Math class, we extended our lesson on counting in groups. During this week's lessons, we focused on the concept of counting in groups of 10. Have your child count in 10s for you, they’ve become so remarkable in counting in groups. We extended our learning of Math in our Physical Play by playing “Group yourselves...” The teacher would ask the class to group themselves in groups of 2s, 5s or 10s and checked by counting together out loud. What a great week of learning!


Hello everyone! Welcome to week 18! In this week, our K3 students have learned about Father’s Day! We read a story called Bigger Than Daddy and we all agree that Daddy loves us so much and he takes great care of us so we can grow as big as him! We practised our Father’s Day performance seriously and we also made a craft for daddy. J

For Math, our K3 students have continued to learn about fractions. We took turns to play games and tried to match the same amount of fraction to the one on the board given by the teacher, e.g. 1/2 equals to 2/4! We had so much fun and the fraction pieces kept reminding us of slices of pizza! We also continued to practice subtraction with borrowing, but this time, we did subtraction within 50. It was quite challenging at first, but our students persevered and eventually did it very well!

That’s it for this week! We can’t wait to see you in the next one!




     透過實物幼兒學習到醫生和護士的工具及用途。另外,透過角色的扮演,幼兒體驗看醫生的程序,並在老師引導下,學習分辨醫生和護士的工作和職責,幼兒拿著醫生的用具時更會主動地與老師分享:「我睇醫生既時候見過呢個啊!」、「我病的時候媽 媽會餵藥俾我!」幼兒都能把自己的日常經驗投入在活動當中,樂於分享自己的所見所聞。



學習目的: (1) 觀察及探索醫生和護士工作用的工具與其用途    

(2) 認識看醫生的程序

(3) 認識「粽」的字形和字義





1) 知道衣物回收的方法

2) 認識簡單處理衣服的方法 

3) 學習如何摺衣服






1)  認識醫護人員的類別和工具

2) 能分辨部首「心」字部 

3) 明白端午節的由來






1.   認識捐獻的概念

2.   思考如何幫助他人

3. 認識儲蓄的方法


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