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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 20)


We had a week-long adventure based on the wonderful storybook in our PN class this week - ‘The Wonderful Things You Will Be’.  We included stimulating activities and creative play in order to really encourage them to let their minds run wild. Our beautiful week started with a cozy reading session of the storybook. The book portrayed a picture of endless opportunities creating a blueprint in their young minds to see what we might become one day. We invited them to come dressed as the characters they aspired to be. Our classroom transformed into a lively space, teeming with mini doctors, firemen, and princesses. We also a fun guessing game about different professions. Drawing pictures and providing hints, the children took turns guessing what occupation was being portrayed. This activity was not only engaging but also helped expand their knowledge of various careers and encouraged them to appreciate the unique skills and interests of others. It was a beautiful week of dreams, imaginations and celebration. We eagerly look forward to our next adventures.


Welcome to week 20 of learning at ABC. As the weather continues to warm up, we focused on learning about appropriate summer attire this week. We also listened to a story that emphasized the importance of being prepared to play outdoors.

In Phonics, the students reviewed sounds from a-z, as well as the /ck/, /sh/, and /th/ sounds. They also practiced decoding single sounds.

For our new "Under the Sea" topic in Critical Thinking, we learned about different marine creatures and their names, with a particular focus on sharks. The students enjoyed making a shark craft.

In math, we reviewed counting from 15 to 18. We also had fun exploring colour mixing, experimenting with how yellow and blue combine together to make green.

That’s it for this week. We look forward to seeing you all again next week.


Welcome to another week of learning in our K2 class! We continued our lesson on Clothes during Cambridge lesson by listening and singing along to the songs from this unit. We also recalled the clothing words we’ve learned and described some of the outfits we wore during Birthday Parties throughout this whole year. It was a fun activity looking back at our amazing outfits.

In our Math class, we learned a new topic focused on measurements, exploring the various types of measuring tools. Throughout the week, students were taught the technique of measuring with everyday objects discovered within the classroom. Students were very excited to use these objects to measure the length of a line drawn by the teacher on the board.

During Critical Thinking, our K2 students learned about a little creature from the ocean. We learned about seahorses and a lot of interesting facts about these ocean creatures. After reading a book and watching some videos, our K2 students were so amazed to find out that seahorses were terrible swimmers because of their very small fins. To gain more appreciation for these animals, they created a seahorse craft using paper plates, markers and drops of water to create a nice rainbow effect.


Hello everyone! Welcome to week 20! In this week, our K3 students have continued to learn about ocean threats. We talked about how they affect marine life and what we can do to help. We all chose one thing we promise to do to help alleviate the problem. Some of us will try our best to save water, and the others will stop using so much plastic. We also made a craft to remind ourselves not to pollute the ocean!

For Math, the K3 students did some revision of the previous topics we have already learned. We focused on even and odd numbers up to 100 and we made sure we know how to tell them apart by looking at the ending number.

That’s it for this week! Thanks for tuning in! See you next week!


主題: 「幫助我們的人」─消防員




學習目的: (1) 認識消防員的工作                 

(2) 學習救火的程序       

(3) 認識各種救火設施


主題:「夏天到」- 夏天消暑方法 今週繼續是主題「夏天到」,夏天天氣炎熱小朋友認識不同的消暑方法,例如:吃西瓜、多喝水、用電風扇和去游泳等等。大部分小朋友都選擇去游泳作消暑活動,因為浸在水中使人有一種涼快的感覺,更認識一些游泳的用品和規則,例如:食飽後切勿立即游泳、游泳前先做熱身運動和切勿在游泳池跳水或在池邊奔跑等等,萬一發生意外請找救生員幫助。



學習目的: 1) 認識夏天的消暑方法。 2) 學習游泳時需要留意的事項。 3) 享受玩沙的過程。








1) 認識夏天的天氣特徵


3) 認識颱風來臨的應變措施







(1) 認識不同球類活動的玩法

(2) 探索做運動與身體健康的關係

(3) 學習團隊運動精神


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