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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 21)


This week, the PN class has been exploring the classic children’s book “Who Sank the Boat?” by Pamela Allen. The students have been captivated by the story of the different animals – a cow, donkey, sheep, pig, and tiny mouse- who all get into a boat, causing it to sink. The children explored different animal sounds, enjoyed colouring and decorating their own little boat, as well as creating their own animal masks to role play the story together with their friends! It was so much fun taking turns to see who sank the boat. They also explored the concept of sink or float through experimenting in class with a small tub of water, and putting in different items to see whether it sinks or floats. That’s it for this week!


Welcome to week 21 of learning at ABC. Our K1 students have continued to explore the topic of sea animals. This week, they were introduced to crabs, learning about where crabs can be found and discussing their different body parts. The students also read a story called "Shark and Crab".

In the Cambridge lessons, we started a new unit called "My Hobbies". The students shared the activities they enjoy doing in their free time. Some of the new vocabulary words introduced are: play football, paint a picture, run, swim, read and dance.

In Phonics, we introduced the sounds /ch/ and /qu/ and engaged in blending activities to practice these sounds.

For Math, the students practiced counting up to the number 19. They also reviewed the concepts of "in" and "out", as well as grouping similar objects together.

That’s it for this week. See you again next week.


What another week filled with new learnings in our K2 classroom. Last week in Math lesson, we learned the concept of measuring lengths of various objects in our classroom using selected toys and items. This week, we extended our learning in measurements by measuring how tall things are. Each of us had the opportunity to measure the height of our classmates using building blocks in school. Through this hands-on activity we learned that the tallest student in our class measured four and a half blocks tall while the shortest student measured four blocks tall. This was a great way to learn about measurements and the tools we can use to measure objects.

In our Critical Thinking class, we explored another fascinating marine animal, the octopus! Among the intriguing facts we discovered about octopus is that they possess nine brains and three hearts. Amazing, isn’t it? Additionally, we delved into their defense mechanisms, such as using ink and changing colours to evade predators. As part of our activities, we completed a worksheet focused on our selected sea creature and thought about what it might be like to be them and the amazing things we would like if one day we magically embody these sea creatures!


Hello everyone! Welcome to week 21. In this week, our K3 students have been introduced to different ocean zones. There are three layers: Sunlight Zone, Twilight Zone and Midnight Zone! Different animals live in different zones but most of them stay in the Sunlight Zone because the deep sea is too cold and dark for them. We’ve also learned that someone had travelled 10000m deep in the ocean in a submarine!

For Math, our K3 students reviewed some of the old concepts we had covered before. We talked about o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to. The students also continued to learn about Chinese word problems in subtraction.

That’s it for this week! Thank you for stopping by! See you in July!












主題:「夏天到」-夏天的天氣變化 今週繼續圍繞主題「夏天到」,小朋友認識夏天的天氣變化得很快,老師介紹天文台知道天氣預報,小朋友知道可以透過看電視、看報紙和上網等等很多方法來知道每天的天氣變化,懂得看天氣預報當看到下雨天,並需要準備一些的雨具,例如雨傘和雨衣等等。透過圖片和影片認識太陽對人類、動物及植物的重要性,例如: 增強免疫功能。



學習目的: 1) 認識早和晚的概念。 2) 能分辨晴天、陰天及雨天天氣。 3) 能畫出月亮不同的形狀。







1) 認識夏天防曬的方法

2) 認識中暑特徵

3) 享受製作凍品的樂趣






(1) 認識「奧運五環」

(2) 學習「友誼第一、比賽第二」的意義

(3) 明白殘疾人仕亦有平等比賽的機會


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