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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 22)


Hello everyone! This week, our PN kids had a blast diving into the beloved storybook “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Eric Carle. It’s been a week full of colourful adventures and learning activities inspired by the book! We started our week by solving puzzles of all the animals featured in the story. It was amazing to see how each piece fit together to reveal familiar bodies like the brown bear, red bird, yellow duck, and more! We also had a chance to do the creative colour play to unleash our creativity with the crayons in hand! We created some pictures and drew some interesting lines on the white papers with our friends. It was fantastic to know how colours can bring stories to life! Another exciting part of our week was acting like different animals in the story. We stomped like the brown bear, flew like the blue bird, and hopped like the green frog! It was a really joyous way to engage our bodies and bring the story alive in our classroom! We can’t wait to explore more learning adventures at school next week!


We have so much to look forward to as we enter our final month of our wonderful year in K1. In Cambridge, it’s been great getting to know each other more as we all shared what our favourite hobbies are with each other. We practiced sharing our hobbies in so many ways: in full sentences, through a sticker activity, as well as through a bit of drama with a game of charades. In Phonics, it’s been so encouraging to see the progress that we’re making with 2-3 sound blending and recognizing our most common sight words. Critical Thinking sparked an interesting discussion this week as we read a story that we are all familiar with, ‘The Three Little Pigs”. We will continue discussing this story next week, along with a craft where the students can make their own houses. Math was interesting as we introduced the students to some simple addition. We used our favourite classroom toys to see what number we get when we ‘add one’ to a group of toys. Our week ended with our exciting animal themed birthday party where everyone enjoyed sharing what they dressed up as. We look forward to another eventful week.


We started of the month of July in high spirits looking forward to the exciting events lined up for us this month. In line with our birthday party theme “Animals” we used our Critical Thinking lessons to show off our acting skills by role playing the story “TheThree Billy Goats Gruff”. This was rather entertaining as it had us rolling on the floor with laughter as we took turns recreating the story with a more humorous touch.

Our Phonics lessons were engaging and fun as we participated in team games and activities to review our blending. We also continued practicing our key sentences “I can” and “I can’t “during our Cambridge lessons. As a reward for our hard work this week, our Super Mind friends treated us to an interesting story, where clever Misty used her critical thinking skills to solve a complex problem all by herself.

In Math, we explored the concept of odd numbers and used our knowledge of numbers to identify the bigger and smaller number in a group of numbers. At last, Friday came along and we celebrated the final birthday party for our K2 year by indulging in yummy treats and dressing up in our creative animal costumes.

This has been a short but amazing week with many happy memories and we eagerly look forward to creating many more memories in the week to come!


Hello mommies and daddies! We are on our final month here at ABC Pathways. What a wonderful journey it has been. All of K3 is gearing up for our big day next week; Graduation Day! We’ve all been practicing real hard to make sure it is a memorable moment for everyone. We are super proud of all the accomplishments our K3 students have made. We have also been reviewing all our old math concepts we’ve learned throughout the year. For our Critical Thinking lessons, we also have been discussing Fairy Tales and discussing the importance of the moral of a story. Our Physical Play has been solely dedicated to our dance performances, which are sure to light up the stage! We cannot wait to show you all what we’ve learned!








(1) 認識冷熱的感覺




主題:「快樂的假期」-個人遊戲和集體遊戲 今週開展新的主題「快樂的假期」,將近學期尾準備放暑期,老師與小朋友一同回顧由九月開學至六月的校園生活照片,並告訴幼兒暑假快到了,小朋友更知道快將升上K2做大哥哥和姐姐都表示很十分興奮,老師介紹一些暑期興趣班並請小朋友選出自己有興趣參與的活動。



學習目的: 1) 認識遊戲的種類。 2) 懂得遵守遊戲規則。 3) 投入參與團體遊戲活動。








1) 初步認識水的循環過程

2) 認識保持身體清潔的方法

3) 知道預防蚊蟲的方法及其重要性








(1) 認識不同國家的運動與文化

(2) 提升幼兒身體四肢運動能力

(3) 透過做運動培養友愛的精神







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