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Highlights of the Week (23/24 Term 2 Week 4)


After a joyous Chinese New Year celebration, our pre-nursery kids returned to school with beaming smiles and eager hearts as they embraced the start of Term 2. They had a week filled with exciting activities that revolved around letters, shapes, and an adorable theme of pet dogs. The week began with a focus on the letters M and N through an interactive activity of finding and sorting objects starting with these letters. Their eyes sparkled with excitement as they hunted for items such as magnets, nests and noodles. For Math we introduced the star shape to our young learners. The classroom buzzed with excitement as the children engaged in a craft activity to create their own star with marble painting. Also, we kicked off the theme of the week with a delightful storytelling session, where we read an engaging story about pet dogs. We facilitated a heartfelt discussion about the care and love that pets require, highlighting important values such as kindness and compassion. Our classroom echoed with giggles when we used a dog puppet to act out imaginative story and pretend-play.

It was a remarkable week. We eagerly look forward to the next captivating week of learning with our exceptional young learners.


Hello! Welcome to the Term 2 of our exciting learning journey. Following the joyful celebrations during the Chinese New Year break, the students were filled with delight as they returned to school. They eagerly shared stories of how they celebrated the Lunar New Year with their loved ones and friends.

In our Cambridge class, we kicked off a new topic - At the Zoo, using our new book called Super Minds Starter. The students were thrilled to discuss the different animals and enthusiastically recounted their past experiences of visiting zoos.

During our Phonics sessions, we dedicated our attention to the sounds /u/, /v/, /w/, and /x/. In Maths, we took the opportunity to review the numbers, shapes, and colors that we had previously learned during the first term.

For Critical Thinking, we introduced the topic - Space. Our focus centered on our very own planet, Earth, delving into its physical characteristics and its diverse features.

It was an incredible week at school. Looking forward to seeing you all again next week!


We sincerely wish that everyone enjoyed a fantastic Chinese New Year holiday and is now having a wonderful beginning to the Year of the Dragon.

In K2 this week, we are kicking off our Cambridge curriculum with brand new books. We introduced our four exciting super friends who will accompany us throughout the second term. Additionally, we began exploring a topic centered around objects we use in school.

For Math, we revised the signs we have learned before the holiday, plus and equal sign. It’s amazing how in K2 we can now do addition up to 5 and are excited to add bigger numbers. Additionally, we are currently in the process of learning to count and identify numbers ranging from 51 to 70, and soon we will have successfully covered numbers up to 100!

In Critical Thinking, we began our journey through our Space theme and started talking about our dear planet Earth. We used the internet to have a big over view of what the Earth looks from a distance and used adjectives like colours to describe our planet and what we see here. What a wonderful start to Term 2!


Welcome back to ABC! We hope everyone had a wonderful time during Lunar New Year Holiday!

In the last week of February, the K3 students have been introduced to the Solar System! We now know that there are 8 planets in our Solar System and there is a bright star in the middle called the Sun. We also made a mini booklet to help us remember what the planets are.

For Math, the students have started learning addition with carry over. When the sum in the ones column contains 2 digits, we have to carry the number to the tens column. The K3 students also learned to compare volumes of containers and how to determine which one has a bigger volume.

We are all excited to use the new books in the new term. Thanks for tuning in! We’ll see you next week!






學習目的 :

1. 認識衣服的功用

2. 認識不同衣服的質料

3. 懂得分別衣服的種類







學習目的: (1) 認識會生蛋和不會生蛋的動物

(2) 重溫植物的生長過程及生長要素─水、泥土、太陽和空氣

(3) 認識不同的耕種方法


主題----「 植物與小昆蟲」





1)  認識昆蟲身體主要部份的名稱及特徵

2) 圈出合適的地點詞語填在句子內

3) 培養做事誠實守信的態度






1. 認識植物生長的過程

2. 認識一些常見的種子及其功用

3. 培養幼兒愛護花草樹木

普通話兒歌 PN




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