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Highlights of the Week


This week was filled with both fun and educational activities. The PN students started with a new theme of “All About Me”. They learnt about our face, eyes, ears, and nose. The children were introduced to the letter E and new vocabulary words such as elephant and egg. For Mathematics, the students were introduced to a new shape, the circle. After looking at some pictures that are similar with the new shape, we did some tracing, dotting and colouring to help them remember what a circle looks like. The days go by so fast when the children are having fun!


This week was full of fun for our K1s! For Cambridge, our K1 students were thrilled to learn about “My Family”. They did a show and tell of their family photos and were delighted to introduce their family members to their classmates! They learnt all about animals that live on the farm and what farmers do for their critical thinking lesson. We also had a grand time playing a game of ‘guess the animal by its sounds’ and sang ‘Old McDonald had a farm’! We then went on to making our beautiful sheep artwork in class. This week has been very eventful and we’re looking forward to the next week!


Hello October! We have been coming to school for a month now. We are now more familiar with our surroundings, new set of classroom rules and routines. This week started with a big house project for our Critical Thinking where we talked about the different rooms in the house. For Math, we learned to count and arrange numbers from 1 to 10. For English, we learned about the importance of helping at home and figuring out what are the things we can do as child to help. What a fun way to end the week!


We had a great week in K3! During the week, we had lots of fun starting our new October Critical Thinking topic: The farm! We brainstormed what a farmer does and even got to see some of today’s machinery that are used to farm their big fields! During Physical Play, we acted out things that farmers do at the farm like chopping wood, digging holes, and picking fruit from high up in the trees. For Math, we continued our addition of two-digit numbers, remembering to add the numbers on the right first. This will help us get ready for harder addition later on. We had a fun time searching and counting for things in our classroom to practice tallying and graphing as well. See you all next week!






(1) 認識嬰兒和幼兒的分別

(2) 知道家居安全的重要性



主題:「我的家」─ 我的爸爸和媽媽

今個星期開始展開新主題 「我的家」。老師透過講述故事、提問、討論及角色扮演等方式,引導幼兒理解故事情節及爸爸媽媽的角色。同時,我們亦透過情境圖片鼓勵幼兒嘗試介紹自己的爸爸媽媽,激發幼兒關愛父母的意識。過程中,幼兒表現積極,更樂於與同學分享自己與爸爸媽媽一起的日常生活瑣事,老師也藉此促進幼兒的思考能力及語言表達能力。










(1) 初步認識玩具的物料

(2) 介紹自己喜愛的玩具

(3) 學習尊重別人的物權





(1) 認識不同寵物的名稱、外形特徵和生活習性

(2) 知道不同寵物居住的地方都不同

(3) 培養小朋友對小動物的愛心

普通話兒歌 K1




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