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Highlights of the Week


PN had a very busy week, ABC Pathfinder Awards on Thursday and finally a Halloween Party on Friday. An action-packed week gave us even more motivation to learn. We started with the letter H and vocabular words like house and heart. We built some houses with the three little pigs and we learnt how to differentiate between long and short items. We started a new theme this week - ‘Our Body’ and we now understand what we can do. We even made a little spider in the spirit of Halloween.


This week was packed with lots of activities for our K1s. They were so excited to share their collection of leaves. They had sensory and hands-on experience with the different elements of leaves through touching and feeling along with an activity about fall. For Math, they also learned about the number 6 by working on their counting skills through fun activities. For English, it was all about the letter Q. For Halloween, they listened to a story about a trip to the pumpkin patch and made their beautiful Halloween crafts. To end the week, they had a super fun & spooky Halloween at school, where everyone dressed up in unique Halloween costumes. They had a fun fashion show and even went to trick-or-treat with their friends!

Happy Spooky Halloween everyone!


BOO! It’s that scary time of the month where we get to dress up for one day to celebrate Halloween. What a lot of fun! What did you dress up as? We started the week discussing about Halloween festivities in English lesson. For Math, we worked on recognizing numbers from 1-20. We also practiced more on our numbers by counting group of objects and pictures. We read a story about scarecrow and learned the importance of it in farms and gardens. We made a scarecrow craft and played Halloween games. Hope you had a spooky Halloween celebration like we did.


We had an awesome time this week! For Math, we are reviewing many concepts we learned before like 3-D shapes and counting backwards from 50. We got to do a special project for Critical Thinking this week. We were asked to make a school tour video! We brainstormed together what should be in the video to show off in our school and got to remember all the different parts of the school as well as the people who help us. A few students helped give the tour to different classrooms. We even got to show off our classroom in the video. At the end of the week, we got to have a big Halloween party! There were cool costumes and we had a fashion show. Don’t be scared; we’ll be back next week!


主題: 「我愛上學」- 謝謝你的幫忙!



學習目的 :

(1) 學習處理在學校可能遇到的問題

(2) 知道要向幫助自己的人道謝

(3) 認識「耳」的字義





(1) 認識每人都有不同的外貌和特徵

(2) 學習介紹自己─姓名、年齡和性別

(3) 學習五官及四肢的位置及數量


主題:「動物」 -農場動物




(1) 能說出農場裏常見的動物名稱及其外形特徵

(2) 初步認識家禽是卵生的概念

(3) 培養愛護動物及尊重生命的的態度






(1) 認識一些肉食性及草食性哺乳類動物名稱、外形特徵及習性

(2) 重溫形容詞及一些已學的字詞


普通話兒歌 PN




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