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Highlights of the Week


It’s the start of a brand new year and the PN students are happy to see their classmates again after the holidays. The children are exploring a new theme this month which is about Pets/Animals. For English, they learned the names of animals that we can take care of at home as pets. They got to experience how to take care of pets by feeding them food, fixing their fur and giving them a bath. For Math, they are reviewing how to identify and count from 1-5. To practice their counting, they gave 5 pieces of carrots to the rabbit, 5 bones to the dog, and 5 pieces of fish to the cat. The children had so much fun with all the role-playing throughout the week.


Welcome to the new year everyone! It’s been lovely coming back to school and hearing about all of our friends’ holiday adventures. The start of the new year marks the start of lots of new and exciting topics. In Cambridge, we started the unit ‘My house’ which has been enjoyable for the students as they have been able to relate the vocabulary to things they find in their own homes. We have also now begun our phonics curriculum and are excited to enjoy learning all our sounds through games and activities. This week we learned the sounds /a/ and /b/. For critical thinking this month, we’re going to meet some of our community helpers. We started off by meeting firemen this week; the students dressed up as brave firemen and used tools like fire extinguishers, fire hoses and axes to put out pretend fires. In math this week, we practiced counting to 10, looked at things that are black in colour and explored the shape ‘diamond’. We also played some interesting games to practice our new concept of ‘front’ and ‘back’. We’re looking forward to continuing all the fun next week!


This week for Critical Thinking we are learning about restaurants and the people who work in it like waiter / waitress, customer and chef. They learnt about the different roles of a chef and they were also taught that different cuisines are responsible by different types of chefs. Then students were asked to create their own menus by choosing a list of food and drinks provided and then as a class, we discussed the price that we can give for each food and drink item. They had a lot of fun carrying out this activity!


Welcome back everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. We have heard some fantastic adventures from our students! We have hit the ground running this week here at school. For critical thinking this week we began to discuss what a paramedic is and why they are so important to our communities. We talked about what they do, and the different equipment they use. We even pretended to fill in an incident form like a real paramedic! In our math lessons this week we discussed place value and the differences between ones place and tens place. We used manipulatives (such as counting blocks) to help us visualize this even better. During our physical play time we talked about different physical activities we did over the break, and we continued our strength building exercises. We focused more on our legs and lower body this week. Have a wonderful weekend, and we will see you all back here next week! ;)


主題:「郊遊」─ 遊郊野公園


學習目的 :

1) 認識香港的郊野公園及設施

2) 認識郊遊的景觀

3) 享受模擬野餐的樂趣










主題:「交通工具」─ 道路設施



1) 認識陸上交通工具

2) 認識不同的道路設施及其用途

3) 學習行人及乘客的安全守則及禮儀







1) 認識製作衣服的步驟

2) 認識四季不同的衣裳

3) 學習按不同場合的衣服進行分類


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