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Highlights of the Week


This week was full of joy because the PN students had two days of face to face learning at school. The children are slowly adapting to the new schedules and they remained high spirited to see everyone again. The theme this week is all about public transportation in Hong Kong. They learnt the different types of buses, minibuses, and taxis. The children took turns pretending to be a passenger or a bus driver through music. For Math, the children learned all about the diamond shape and daily objects such as jewelries, kites, and road signs that are in the shape of diamonds. We look forward to having the children back every day starting from next week.


We’re all really enjoying being back in the classroom together as we’re able to do lots of hands on activities with everyone. For Cambridge this week, we recapped our transport verbs from last week and played charades as we looked at verbs related to everyday activities that we enjoy, such as brushing our teeth and swimming. We are so proud of our students for displaying the confidence to come up and act out these actions for their friends! We had a fruitful week of revision for Phonics as we played a variety of games to revise our sounds from /a/ - /r/. In Math this week, we practiced counting to 15 and learned more about the colour gold by helping our pirate find all his gold treasure. We also introduced the concept of ‘in’ and ‘out’ by helping the pirate put all of his gold treasure back into his treasure chest. Lastly, we started our Critical Thinking theme of ‘Nature’ by looking at plants and what they need to grow. This week has been full of lots of great activities and we know next week will be even better as we will be resuming our face to face classes. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having lots more fun next week! J


The K2 students were thrilled to be back at school for more than one day this week. This week we read the fairy tale of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.” We then learned about some of the most beautiful and most dangerous bridges in the world. This all culminated in the students making their very own bridges in class, with a focus on creativity as they were able to use just about whatever they could find. There were some very neat and inventive looking bridges! For math lessons, we have started to learn how to tell time from digital clocks, as well as how to count backwards from 20. We’ve watched a couple different countdowns, from a space shuttle launch to a New Year’s Eve countdown, to practice. We look forward to next week when we will be able to spend the whole week at school!


Hello everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! We heard some lovely stories and fun adventures from our students this week. For critical thinking this week we began insect unit. We’ve talked about what makes something an insect, and the important role they play on our ecosystems. We also focused on one particular insect this week; the ant. Ask your child if they can correctly identify an insect. Make sure to look for legs and body parts. For Math this week we have started to solve word problems, with an emphasis on addition. We also continued to review money math and identification. During our physical play, we started to build our muscles and review our stretches and why they’re important to do before physical activities. See how many squats you can do, but be sure to stretch those legs! Have a fantastic rest of your week and try to stay dry out there!






(1) 能分辨有益的食物

(2) 懂得正確洗手的方法

(3) 認識「米」的讀音和字形






(1) 知道肉和魚是有益的食物

(2) 知道部份零食無益,不宜吃太多

(3) 培養健康飲食的習慣


主題:「小小科學家」─ 認識聲音



(1 )認識物體震動能產生聲音

(2) 認識聲波的頻率和震動的關係

(3) 知道撞擊次數多少會影響聲音的大小


主題:「小小科學家」─ 有趣的電




(1) 知道正確使用電池的方法

(2) 探究電力的來源

(3) 明白節約電源的重要性






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