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Highlights of the Week


Our youngest learners were not scared of the stormy weather and kept up with very nice work this week! They continued to explore their feelings and emotions, shared about what usually makes them angry or scared, and learned how to deal with their anger, too. For Phonics, it was all about the sound /c/. Now they know that /c/ is for cat, car, cake and carrot! For Math, the students were introduced the concepts of heavy and light. They also played some games and tried to guess what was in “heavy” and “light” bags. On Friday the children had a long awaited birthday party! They sang a birthday song to their friends who were born in February and June, danced, laughed and had lots of fun! The song of the week was “Rain, rain, go away!”. PN students wish everyone a happy weekend despite of the gloomy weather.


We all had an amazing week at school as we got to do so many activities together as a class this week! For Cambridge this week, we introduced the children to how to tidy up their mess! The children were told to make a mess in the classroom and after they were done, they had to clean up. They were all so proud of themselves after helping each other to tidy things up and making the classroom neat again. We had a lot of fun for Phonics as we proceeded to the end of learning our phonetic sounds /y/ and /z/. The children were so thrilled. For Math this week, we did various activities on how to compare groups of objects within 1-3. We also practiced counting to 17 and mixed colours to make the colour orange. Lastly, our topic of this weeks’ critical thinking was SHARKS! The children got to learn about the different types of sharks and their features which they seemed to have enjoyed a lot! It’s been a really fun week!


What a rainy week it has been! We had an awesome time at school despite the heavy rain. We continued our theme in Critical Thinking, Under The Sea with a brand new topic of “Dolphins” this week. We learned the difference between fish and mammals through a story and applied what we learned in a worksheet comparing the two. The most amazing part we learned in the story is finding out that dolphins have finger-like bones inside their side fins. After recalling all the math symbols we learned in the past, our teachers taught us Subtraction through fun and practical counting games during Math lesson. In English lesson we continued our topic on the seven days of the week. Just like the song we sang, it’s a busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy, busy week (but a fun one at that)!


Hello everyone! We hope everyone had a good long weekend and had fun celebrating Dragon Boat Festival. This week’s Critical Thinking, we have learned about the ocean and dove deep down into its different zones. We also learned about the different animals that live in each zone. You can talk about it with your children and ask them about it. We surely had fun learning about the ocean. For Math, we have learned subtraction within 20 with regrouping. You can try to practice it with them. We also have learned about simple fractions. There are lots of things we can learn about fractions! So, we focused first on learning the difference between whole and half. It is quite a challenge this week but they did very well! Enjoy the weekend and stay warm from the rain!







(1) 認識不同種類的船

(2) 能唱出歌曲「搖小船」並享受撐船動作

(3) 認識浮沉的物件






1. 認識各種常見的海上交通工具

2. 探索推動小船的方法



主題: 「認識世界」-認識世界之最的事物




(1) 認識世界之最的事物

(2) 認識各國共同合作舉辦的盛事

(3) 培養做事勤於練習的態度









普通話兒歌 K1




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