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Highlights of the Week


The PN students continue to learn about the theme on Community Helpers. This week we are showing our appreciation for Postman and Delivery Man. The children got to do some role playing where they dressed up as a Postman to delivery letters. They learnt what is needed to be able to send letters to their family and friends. For English this week, they were introduced to the letter T and learnt new words such as Tooth, Tiger and Turtle. For Math, the kids had a fun activity learning about Top and Bottom by placing the bean bags on top of the table and on top of one another. They chanted the word “Top” while trying to balance the bean bags on top of their heads. As the bean bags fell to the ground they shouted out the word “Bottom”. The students had a good laugh about it. We are definitely looking forward to more exciting and fun lessons next week.


It’s been a fabulous week at school. For Critical thinking our K1 students have started to learn all about how to protect our environment by recycling and reusing products. The concept is new to them however it’s great to see that our children are enthusiastic about learning how to recycle different things. For Cambridge this week, we revised the concept of things that are found at home such as table, chair, sofa, etc. For Math, we learnt how to count up to number 18 and also did an experiment in class by mixing colours - red and blue which resulted in a beautiful PURPLE colour!


Wow! What another great week. We started a new topic in English lesson; we’re now talking about clothes! We tried our best to recognize the words we’re learning and match them to the pictures. We also learned the difference between “this” and “these”. We brought what we learned in English to Physical Play by looking for things around the play area and creating sentences using either this or these. In Math lesson, we learned another way of counting. Do you know how to count in 2s? How about in 5s? Well this week we learned to count in 10s! By just remembering 5 numbers, we can now count up to 50 in 10s.


It is Summer time. We have talked about what Summer Solstice is and what kind of different things we can do during Summer. You can ask them what it is and why it is interesting in Summer. Speaking of Summer, what is the best way to cool ourselves in the heat? It’s ice cream! Look at how colourful our ice cream is! For English, we have challenged ourselves to make our own sentences using past tense of regular verbs. It was such an interesting way for us to talk about our experiences along with our creative ideas. For Math this week, we did lots of practice on subtractions with borrowing. We worked hard to understand how we do subtractions and we are steadily getting better at it.













1. 認識不同天氣的衣服

2. 懂得選擇合適的衣服

3. 加強口語訓練

4. 認識服裝店購物的程序

5. 認識服裝店售賣的貨品

6. 認識售貨員的工作






(1) 知道清潔人員的工作

(2) 初步認識香港處理固體廢物的系統

(3) 培養公德心及環保意識





學習目的: (1)分辨需要和想要

(2) 能說出逛商店時的規則和禮貌

(3) 培養理財的態度




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