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Highlights of the Week


The PN students are on their final week learning about Community helpers. This time it was all about dentists, bakers and chefs. The children got to understand what tools are needed when it comes to checking on people’s teeth or baking a cake for someone’s birthday. The week continued with some fun activities such as role-playing, storytelling and enjoying music that shows their appreciation for these people who help out in the community.For English, the children learned about the sound /g/ and the letter U. For the letter U, the children learnt new words such as umbrella, unicorn, and under. For Math, they tried their best to understand more about the concept of patterns and to figure out what would come next through some action songs. The children can’t wait to know what fun activities are in store for them next week.


We can’t believe we’re already in July; we have so much fun planned for our last few weeks. We reviewed our Cambridge unit on ‘My face’ and delved deeper by talking about all of our body parts. Our Critical Thinking topic of Land Transport has been really exciting as we enjoyed relating general transport vocabulary to transport that we can find in Hong Kong. We loved using different shapes to make our own red, blue and green Hong Kong taxis. In Phonics this week, we are starting to do some two-sound blending with all the sounds we have learned over the course of the year. Our colour mixing adventures continue this week as we mix blue and yellow together to make…green! We mixed blue and yellow paints, oil pastels, crayons and coloured ink; it was a really fun experiment! We look forward to continuing our adventures next week.


This week for Critical Thinking we are discussing our favourite place to travel and going on holiday. Students were asked to share about their experiences of taking a plane and the places that they have visited when they were on vacation. Unfortunately, most of us have not travelled much these few years due to Covid but most of our students have fond memories of their vacations even though they travelled at such a young age. We also created our own ABC Pathways boarding passes by asking the students to fill in their details. Next week, we will take our students on a “plane journey”! Looking forward to it!

For Math this week, we are doing revision on additions and subtractions. Students have been taught different methods of doing these sums and differences such as using the number lines and also using their fingers to count. It seems that students are a lot more familiar with the concept of subtractions and they can do it much faster and with better confidence. Excellent work!


July is already here and this week the K3 students have been learning about traveling on an airplane. We learned about the airport process and the various requirements that need to happen before taking a flight.We made ABC passports and discussed why we need a passport to travel. We also talked about checking in big bags, going through security and what you can and cannot bring on a flight. The students had many questions and ideas in this week’s critical thinking topic. For math, we are reviewing odd and even numbers. We are starting to learn and practice subtraction word problems and we discussed how subtraction words problems differ from addition word problems. We played several games to reinforce this concept. It has been another great week. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.





學習目的: (1) 觀察及探索醫生和護士使用的工具與其用途 (2) 認識看醫生的程序

(3) 認識「牙」的字形和字義






1. 知道衣服有不同的種類及名稱

2. 知道不同場合應穿不同的衣服

3. 享受聆聽故事的樂趣

4. 培養幼兒敢於說實話的品格

5. 認識不同國家的衣著服飾

6. 發揮創作力,設計屬於自己風格的衣服

7. 加強口語訓練



本週與幼兒認識不同的醫護人員,幼兒們都積極分享看醫生的經驗,對醫生及護士的工作都頗為了解,故此,老師透過圖書故事及簡報向幼兒介紹其他醫護人員的名稱及職務,例如藥劑師、助產士及牙醫等 。此外,老師亦與幼兒分享有關疫情的新聞內容,讓幼兒知道醫護人員協助抗疫的辛勞,培養幼兒懂得感謝的態度。



(1) 認識不同醫護人員的名稱及職務

(2) 知道醫護人員的工作地方及常用工具

(3) 認識「心」部首及相關字詞






(1) 認識捐獻的概念

(2) 思考如何幫助他人

(3) 培養儲蓄的好習慣

普通話兒歌 K1


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