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Highlights of the Week


The PN students are on their first book week, we explored colours, did some painting together, and exercised our creative minds. For English, the children learned about the sound /h/ and the letter V. For the letter V, the children learnt new words such as vest, van, and volcano; for the sound /h/, the children came across words such as house, hand, hamburger. For Math, they had fun reviewing numbers zero to ten, practiced their counting skills and number representation. We can’t wait to find out which book we will explore together next week.


It’s been an eventful week full of fun activities in K1! We reviewed our Cambridge ‘Party Clothes’ vocabulary and delved deeper into the topic by looking at more different kinds of clothing. The students had a really great time showing everyone their favourite clothes and accessories. Math also brings us some new adventures as we move on to counting up to 19; we loved combining counting with some fun gross, fine motor skills exercises and identifying our numbers by finding them around the classroom. For Critical Thinking, our K1 students explored water and air transport. They were very good at identifying which forms of transport belonged on land, water or the sky through fun sorting activities!


This week we finally used the boarding passes that we made last week. We set up our classrooms to look like the inside of an airplane, got our boarding passes stamped, buckled our seatbelts and watched as our plane took off. We even had a pretend food and beverage service while we were in the air. Our plane was heading for Japan, so when we landed we had a look at some of the sites we could see there. We also had some students who had connecting flights to the United Kingdom and Singapore, so we viewed some of their tourist sites too. Everyone was in high spirits!

Once we finished soaring through Critical Thinking, we learned about even numbers up to ten in Math. It helped that we had learned counting up by 2’s just a few weeks prior, since counting up by 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 is so similar to knowing even numbers up to ten. We also learned how to measure length, using objects such as blocks and markers. Next week we are going to be learning about even numbers all the way up to 100!


It has been a great week! We launched rockets this week for critical thinking and the students enjoyed learning about astronauts. They had many questions about space and the life of an astronaut, and we were able to compare our lives on Earth with those astronauts that live in the ISS with no gravity. We learned about the different parts of a space shuttle and how it works to send astronauts up to space. For math this week, we have been reviewing time. We are practicing how to tell time using o’clock, half past, quarter past, and quarter to. The students are also now practicing math subtraction word problems in Chinese. It has been an eventful week. We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


主題: 「幫助我們的人」─消防員




(1) 認識消防員的工作

(2) 學習救火的程序

(3) 認識各種防火設備






(1) 認識衣物可以回收及方法

(2) 認識簡單處理衣服的方法

(3) 能自己收拾衣物







(1) 認識不同類型廚師的職務及工具名稱

(2) 初步認識烹調食物的方法

(3) 認識量詞


主題:「購物樂」─ 探索古代錢幣的演變




(1) 認識古代錢幣的演變

(2) 了解古代的交易方式及好處和壞處

(3) 培養正確的理財觀念

普通話兒歌 PN



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