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Highlights of the Week


The PN students are off again on another storybook adventure for book week. The students were engaged in fun activities such as role play, songs, and art that help build up their imaginative skills. One PN class talked about the book called We Wear Pants, which was all about clothes. They enjoyed pointing to the different animals and having a good laugh on how they were all dressed. For Math, they reviewed the colours red, blue and yellow. They also learnt how purple, green and orange are made by mixing two of the colours together. For English, the students continue to learn more about phonics and review their recognition of letters. The children can’t wait to have more fun exploring the world of books with more stories, music and art.

K1 We read a new story named “The Wall in the Middle of the Book” with the students this week. As this book has very few words, we were encouraged to look closely at the illustrations and it was interesting to see how each child had their own interpretation of what is happening and what will happen in the story. It also sparked an interesting discussion about how some things that appear to be scary can be quite friendly after all. Critical Thinking was the most exciting this week as we talked about things we love to do in our home, Hong Kong. Sharing pictures of our adventures with our teachers and classmates was great and we can’t wait to visit some of the sights that our friends recommended! In light of our theme of exploring Hong Kong, our students were very excited to make their own bowl of delicious noodles. In Math this week, we enjoyed making the beautiful colour pink by mixing red and white together. We have so much more to look forward to as we head into our last couple of weeks of the school year!


This week for Critical Thinking we are continuing our learning of other countries, especially those that are close to Hong Kong. We are learning the different traditional clothing in each country, although we are also discussing other interesting characteristics of other cultures as well. For example, we learned how to say “Hello” and “Goodbye” in many different countries/languages, as well as some culture specific musical instruments from around the world.

In Math this week we learned about how to distinguish which number is bigger between two numbers. We started with numbers between 1-20, and for the most part the students were able to do this. It will be a bit tougher next week when the numbers get higher. Knowing which number is higher between 34 and 43 can be a bit tricky if we don’t know what to look for. We also started learning about odd numbers up to ten this week.


It’s that time of the year again! We have been prepping for this day all year! We cannot be any prouder of our K3 graduates this year and what they have accomplished. The students were very excited to show off at graduation and had been anxiously waiting for this week! For school this week we have begun one of our final lessons; Fairy Tales. We have discussed what they are and how each story tells a moral; a lesson to be learned. We also will be creating our own fairy tales too! In our math lessons we have continued our review of past lessons, as well as build upon word problems with subtraction. In our physical play we also continued to work on our gross motor skills with agility training! We hope everyone enjoyed the show on Thursday, and it was great to see you all there. Have a wonderful week!


主題: 「夏天到」



(1) 認識消暑的食物

(2) 知道冰使人涼快

(3) 享受製作果汁的過程







1. 能辨別晴天、陰天及雨天的分別。

2. 認識太陽會發光及發熱並知道人類、動物及植物也需要太陽。

3. 認識雨水的功用及雨具。

4. 認識月亮的形狀及變化。

5. 認識早、晚的概念。


主題:「夏天」─ 水的來源及珍惜用水、消暑及防曬方法






1. 認識夏天消暑及防曬的方法

2. 初步認識水的循環

3. 培養節約用水的態度


主題:「我愛運動」- 運動與健康




(1) 認識運動與健康的關係

(2) 學習「友誼第一、比賽第二」的意義

(3) 明白殘疾人仕亦有平等比賽的機會

普通話兒歌 PN


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