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Highlights of the Week


It’s the start of the new school year! The PN students experienced coming to school for the first time on their own. They were so happy to meet their teachers and classmates. The children are slowly learning about school routines and following classroom rules. For English, they were introduced to their new book, Pippa and Pop. They learnt how to properly use their books in class and how to put them back in the right place. For this week’s theme, it was all about Mid-Autumn Festival. Through singing songs and listening to stories, the students got to understand what most families do during this festival. The highlight of the week was the children bringing their own lanterns to school. The PN students did such a great job during their first week at school on their own!


Hello everyone and welcome to the new academic year! We have really enjoyed playing games to get to know our teachers and new friends, especially our four new Cambridge friends. These friends are named Leo, Polly, Mike and Gina and we’re looking forward to playing games with them throughout the year as we go through our Cambridge themes. In Math, our K1 students had a wonderful time sharing their colour knowledge as they found different things that are red in the classroom. We also started going through our alphabet as we explored the letters A-C and things that start with these letters. It’s been a colourful and festive week at school as everyone has brought in their wonderful lanterns for ‘show and tell’ activities and role playing the weekend Mid-Autumn festival celebrations. We’re really looking forward to what is in-store for us next week!


This is the second week of school and we have a special festival coming up, it’s Mid-Autumn festival. During Critical Thinking lesson, students were asked what they did in previous years for this special festival. Most of the students were able to name some key events like eating mooncakes and playing with lanterns. We also sang a song about Moon Festival and the students enjoyed it very much. For craft time, we made some paper lanterns and they were asked to cut along some dotted lines to make the outline of a lantern. This is also good opportunity for the students to practice cutting and folding papers.

For Math we are learning about the concept of thick and thin. At first, students may relate this to the concept of big and small but after practice, students are now able to distinguish the difference between “thick” objects like the tree trunks and “thin” objects like a book.

Have a great Mid-Autumn Festival everyone!


Hello everyone! Welcome back to another great year here at ABC Pathways! We are super excited about all the fun things we will be learning throughout the school year. We have had a great first few days learning about our new teachers and new friends, along with a new campus at Whampoa. For our first week we discussed the new holiday coming up this weekend, Mid-Autumn Festival! We talked about Chang’e and Hou Yi, we also discussed all the things we do with our families during the holidays. In our Maths lesson we reviewed our 2D shapes and introduced 3D shapes. We discussed the differences between 2D and 3D and we also looked around our schools for 3D shapes such as cylinders, pyramids, cubes, cones, rectangular prisms and spheres. In our Physical Play this week we discussed the importance of stretching before play and also learned how to do some push-ups for upper body workouts. Have a wonderful holiday, and we will see everyone back at school on Tuesday!



















主題----「我們的學校/中秋節」 在本週的主題-「我們的學校/中秋節」中,老師帶領小朋友認識校內的人物,包括新老師和同學。當中小朋友更重溫了校內不同人物的稱謂,例如主任。而小朋友更主動地探索這些人物所負責的職務與相關崗位。另外,今週小朋友掌握了新的字詞「上、下」。當中不單只是了解上和下的意思,更嘗試學習它們的寫法和筆順。 此外,今週主題結合了中秋節。小朋友紛紛帶了各式各樣的燈籠回校,更迫不及待地想與老師和同學們分享並一起玩。在玩燈籠的同時,也共同體驗到節日愉快的氛圍。 學習目的:









(1) 認識學校裏的人物及其稱謂

(2) 學習與人分享的樂趣

(3) 培養幼兒對人友善的態度

普通話兒歌 PN & K1




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