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Highlights of the Week


It’s another week of fun for the PN students as they continue to learn more about the things they see and do at school. For English, they have started to learn their letters. They were introduced to the letter A and learnt how it looks like and some words that are associated with it. For Math, it was all about the number 1. The children had a fun time using the smart boards to trace the letter 1 and colour in some objects. They finally met the different characters of their Pupil’s book; they made sure to wave hello to Dan, Kim, Pippa and Pop. They surely had a wonderful time learning new things and meeting new friends at school this week.


We hope everyone had a lovely Mid-Autumn Festival. Coming back from the long weekend, it was great for us to see how comfortable everyone was in their classrooms and with their teachers and classmates. As part of our Critical Thinking theme on ‘My school’, we revisited our classmates’ names through games and activities. We also had a closer look at our classrooms and the different interactive corners that we can play in. This tied in really well with our new Cambridge topic of ‘My classroom’ where we got to practice classroom vocabulary by going for a scavenger hunt in our own classroom! Math this week was exciting as we looked at the colour yellow and practiced counting to 3. We look forward to more exciting activities next week!


Hopefully everyone had a great Mid-Autumn Festival on the weekend! We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about all the lanterns shown and mooncakes eaten. This week in K2 we discussed ourselves in Critical Thinking. We shared our ages, favourite colours, how many people are in our families and even our favourite hobbies! We then wrote it all down and each drew a self-portrait as well. It was great to learn about all our new friends! During Math we learned all about the concepts of “full” and “empty”. We looked at some toy boxes and water bottles to really understand the concepts. On Friday we had our first Birthday Party day for all the students born in September. It was a wonderful day and I think we are all looking forward to the next one in October! The school year is officially in full swing now as we have all adjusted to our new classrooms, school and friends. Onto next week for some more fun and exciting activities!


Hello again everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival this past weekend. Some of our students shared fun stories about their holiday. On Friday we had our first birthday party celebrating our September friends’ birthdays. Throughout this week we discussed different things about ourselves. We talked about our likes and dislikes, our families, and a few others things so we can get to know one another a little better. For Maths we continued to review 3D shapes and how we can spot them all around us. Challenge your child to spot 3D shapes around your house or outside around your neighborhood! We also continued to practice our addition within 20. We are working towards not using a number line and trying to focus on using our fingers to help us count. Finally, we tried out building our lower body muscles in physical play by learning how to do lunges and wall sits. You can practice around the house or find a cool place outside to try. Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you all back here next week!







1. 知道每個人都有自己的家

2. 嘗試介紹自的家庭成員

3. 讓幼兒知道家庭成員是有自己不同的職責





1) 能說出學校的名稱及所屬班別

2) 學習適應新環境

3) 增強自理能力


主題----「我們的學校」 今週的主題仍是圍繞著「我們的學校」。本週中,老師引領小朋友去辨識自己的姓名。同時,也令新同學更快地融入到班級中並掌握其他小朋友的名字。另外,本週還跟小朋友們重溫上學的程序,從踏入學校第一件事打招呼到進入課室內擺放個人物品。從而協助他們建立良好的個人習慣和自理能力。此外,今週小朋友開始認識「手」的部首。除了了解「手」本身的含義和它變成部首時的形態外,更是嘗試在不同的字詞中找出帶有「手」字部的字。通過有趣的遊戲,令他們更積極與容易去理解和辨認到「手」的部首。 學習目的:



3. 能找出「手」部首的字






(1) 認識社區不同的設施

(2) 知道購物的程序

(3) 學習逛商場時的安全守則

普通話兒歌 PN





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