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Highlights of the Week


The PN students have acquired so much knowledge within the past weeks as they are now familiar with the class routines and getting around the school. They are slowly learning the different things that they use in the classroom such as books, pencils and crayons. For English, they are learning about the letter B. Through singing songs and listening to stories, the children got to learn more vocabulary that begin with B. For Math, they continue to work on their counting skills and number recognition. Using physical games and some manipulatives, they tried to match the objects that are associated with the number 1 or number 2. It’s amazing to see how much fun the children are having from learning new things at school.


It’s been an eventful week at school for our K1 students. We continued our Cambridge theme of ‘My Classroom’ with a story that showcased the importance of sharing and how happy it can make our friends. Our story encouraged a great discussion about the other things we can share and who we can share with. Math was lots of fun as we played games to reinforce our concept of ‘big and small’.We also did a hunt around our school and classroom to find ‘square’ shaped objects and used these objects to practice counting to 4. In critical thinking, we did a name craft to help students recognize their own name. We hope that decorating our classrooms with our name crafts will make the classroom feel more like home.


This week our students are taking a closer look at our school. For Critical Thinking, we are looking at the different rooms and their functions. Students are really intrigued and they are especially interested to see their own classrooms and the playground “which was voted as their favourite place at school”

Teachers would then take the students for a tour around the school and they have an opportunity to greet the staff and other teachers from other levels. They are given a check list of some items and rooms that they will find in the school so as they go around visiting the school, they can tick them off the list.

For Math this week we are finding the odd one out from a list of pictures. Students are asked to pinpoint a picture that doesn’t belong to a group of other pictures. For example, a “carrot” is a vegetable so it doesn’t belong to a group of “fruits”. To carry out this activity, students were able to categorize different objects into specific groups in order to find the “odd” one out!


Hello there everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend despite the heat! This action-packed week, our K3 students learned more about their school and classroom rules. They also learned about understanding their importance as to why we need to follow them. At the same time, the students began to have the concept of cause and effect of situations by having a discussion among our peers and engaging in a story-telling session with our teachers.

For Math, our K3 students were introduced to pictograms/pictographs - what they actually are and why they are used. They had fun finding out that pictures can be used in finding out information! We also reviewed our addition within the number 20 without using the number line to further challenge our bright minds.

Last, but not the least, our physical play this week focused on our core workouts in which our dear students tried out planks, leg lifts and sit-ups. It definitely got our students energized! Oh what another great week it has been! We can't wait to see you all back again for another fun-filled learning week!







1. 知道家庭是家人一起居住的地方

2. 認識一些家庭用品的名稱和用途

3. 知道要保持家居環境的清潔






2) 認識班中的同學

3) 培養喜歡上學的情緒


主題----「我們的學校」 今週的主題繼續圍繞著「我們的學校」。本週內,老師帶領小朋友們一同去認識校內的物品。過程中,不但提升他們對學校的了解,並從中學習到新的名詞。包括單車、圖書和課室等。期間,他們更掌握到不同類型的玩具,例如積木、拼圖。另外,本週老師講述到校內的規則,並嘗試讓小朋友判斷何為正確的行為。從而協助他們懂得遵守班規,並保持良好的個人行為。 最後,今週又學習了一個新的部首「木」。當老師結合前幾週學習過的部首一起重溫時,小朋友都能準確地辨認到不同字詞屬於哪個部首並圈起來。通過這些重溫小遊戲從而增強和鞏固了小朋友的印象和認識。 學習目的:

1. 能圈出「木」部首的字

2. 能遵守校內的規則

3. 能讀出開心、單車、圖書、課室






(1) 學習香港的著名景點

(2) 認識香港的三大部份─香港島、九龍及新界(包括離島)

(3) 認識統計的概念

普通話兒歌 PN





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