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Highlights of the Week


Our PN students have grown so much since they have been coming to school for almost a month now. They enjoy participating in class discussions and engaging in fun activities like Music and Storytime. The children can easily transition from one activity to another and even tidy up on their own when needed. For English, they are learning more about the letter C and exploring words that begin with the letter such as Cat, Car, and Carrot. The students even got to work on their fine motor skills by making a letter craft that looked like a cat. For Math, they continue to practice their counting skills using numbers from 1-3. This is the last week that the children are learning about the theme of Being Ready for School. They can’t wait to know what the new theme will be for next week.


As we wrap up the month, we also wrap up some of our exciting units. In Cambridge, we concluded our theme of ‘My Classroom’ by looking at verbs related to activities we love to do in school, such as reading, counting, drawing and singing. We played a game of charades to practice our acting skills and it was great to see how confident our students are! This was closely related to the conclusion of our Critical Thinking theme where we had interesting discussions about behavior that makes us happy and unhappy in the classroom. It was wonderful to see how involved our K1 students are in these kinds of discussions and how aware they are of each other’s emotions. In order for us to take ownership of these rules, we made a classroom poster and stamped our posters with our pictures. It was a really great team effort and we had lots of fun doing this as a class. In math this week, we went on a hunt for blue objects, rectangular objects and practiced counting to 5. It’s been a lovely September and we look forward to all the exciting activities coming up next month!


This week in K2 we had a blast! We learned all about the rules of our classroom and school, and the best way to behave in life. This included using manners, being respectful of others, sharing and caring. We were able to separate different behaviours into good behaviours and bad behaviours, and then took turns acting them out. In Math we learned how to order numbers between 1-10. This means that if the children saw “4 5 _”, they would be able to fill in the blank with the number 6 to complete the pattern. On Friday we had our first Pathfinder Awards Ceremony of the school year. It was wonderful to see our peers receive awards for attributes such as their kindness, respect or contribution. Awards that were very much deserved. We’re looking forward to next week as we roll into our second month of the year, October!


It has been another meaningful week for our K3 students as we focused on our goals for our critical thinking lessons. We discussed and reflected on the things we are good at and shared the things we want to learn and work on. We also tackled on how to make S. M. A. R. T goals in order for us to achieve them! We're very hopeful that by the end of the school year, we will be able to reach a lot, if not all, of our goals!

Our students had fun learning about pictograms to tally and bar graphs. We also practiced our addition up to 30 this week!

After giving our brains a good workout, we treated our bodies to a good relaxation in this week's physical play. We focused on simple yoga / stretching poses such as the downward dog, the tree and the warrior pose to help us regulate our mind and bodies.

Here’s to the last week of September! It's true about what they say that time flies when you are having fun! See you all in October!




老師更利用模擬遊戲,扮演出媽媽在廚房工作的情景,當中幼兒更說出最愛吃的餸菜是婆婆煮的魚肉啊!亦透過活動中讓幼兒明白到廚房是一個容易發生意外的地方,大家應該小心使用。老師亦請幼兒模擬在睡房裡的活動情形,小朋友都十分雀躍地嘗試老師的被子,更說出在家有熊寶寶陪伴著他們睡覺呢!老師利用兒歌讓幼兒認識到不同的房間有不同的家具。 另外,老師也在課堂中引導幼兒分享平日最愛跟爸媽進行甚麼親子活動,大部分幼兒都表達最喜歡跟爸媽去公園玩呢!


1. 認識客廳、廚房的設備和作用

2. 認識睡房、廁所的設備和作用








1) 認識學校裏不同的地方及設施

2) 加深對學校活動的認識

3) 鞏固統計和記錄方法的概念


主題:「玩具真好玩」─ 認識玩具




1. 認識不同類型的玩具和它們的玩法

2. 認識不同的玩具物料

3. 知道在課室內玩玩具的規則






(1) 分享關愛別人的方法

(2) 學習「施比受更有福」和「助人為快樂之本」的意義

(3) 認識社區中各種無障礙設施

普通話兒歌 K1




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