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Highlights of the Week

PN Hello everyone! It has been an amazing week in school! Our PN students were introduced to the topic Family this week.We learned the vocabulary of different family members - Daddy, Mummy, Brother and Sister by looking at everyone’s family photos. We also went on a scavenger hunt to review our letters A, B and C; it was so much fun going around the classroom with our friends to look for the letters together. The concept of Shapes was first introduced this week and our first shape was the Circle. We used our magic fingers to learn how to make a circle and learned things that are in a shape of a circle. It was quite an adventure.


Hello all! This week has been super great at school for all of us.For Cambridge, we introduced new family members such as Grandma, Grandpa, Brother and Sister to our students. They were all able to tell us about their family members and who lives with them. We also did letter J and learnt new vocabulary like Jug, Jelly and Juggle. For Critical thinking, we talked about the farm and what farmers do! We had interesting discussions with our students on who have been to local farms as they shared all about their farm adventures such as riding ponies and picking fresh strawberries! It was really fun to hear them happily share their experience as they even talked about the animals they saw and fed at the farms. For Maths, we learnt the concept of long and short and rectangles. We even talked about all things blue such as the sky, blueberries and the ocean. We even reviewed our counting up to number 5 as well. It’s been a fruitful week and we had so much fun!


This week we are concluding our Home topic by recalling the names of different rooms and what we see in each room. We learned that specific objects go to specific rooms like the shower in the bathroom, the bed in the bedroom and so on. We also learned the words in, on and under this week. We located things in the picture and told our teachers where these objects are by using the right prepositions.

We then started a brand-new topic in Critical Thinking where we learned and talked about different kinds of farm animals. We learned what they look like and what they sound like. We also played a game where we mimic the animal movements and sounds at the same time. What a fun topic!

In Math, we learned about numbers 1-10. We learned what the numbers look like and to count objects. We also learned to put numbers 1-10 in order by playing loads of games. We can’t wait to learn more!


Hello October! Hope you all enjoyed Chung Yeung Festival! In this week, our K3 students had a discussion on what farmers do on a daily basis. They were introduced to different farm animals and what they can provide us, as well as different farming equipment and how they help farmers do their jobs. By learning where our food comes from, we can all start showing appreciation to farmers and animals!

Our students had fun doing an obstacle course during Physical Play. They had to toss 4 bean bags into a circle before they could go to the slide! Then, they had to play hopscotch, followed by a balance beam where they had to balance themselves while walking on it. What a fun challenge!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all back here next week!






1. 認識家居安全

2. 認識睡房、廁所的設備和作用

3. 能專心聆聽故事:「嘿!我需要空間!」






1) 認識其他家庭成員的稱謂

2) 認識家人如何照顧自己

3) 懂得孝順父母和愛護家人






1. 學習選擇安全和適齡玩具

2. 認識玩具及名稱配對

3. 認識「水」部首及其字詞

4. 學習「禾」字和「火」字的字義和寫法

5. 培養收拾玩具的好習慣




學習目的:1) 認識一般寵物的名稱、外形特徵和生活習性

2) 知道可透過領養幫助被遺棄的動物

3) 培養小朋友對小動物要懷有愛心







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