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Highlights of the Week


Hello everyone! What an incredible week it has been. As we are learning about Winter, it was exciting to see different colours and kinds of jackets we can wear to keep ourselves warm. We also learnt about the Letter K this week; everyone enjoyed putting the baby kangaroo back to its pouch by matching the colours. For Math, we explored the concept of heavy and light. What could be lighter than a feather or a balloon? We loved playing with the balloon and differentiating its weight with other things around us, and it was a lot of fun comparing other heavy and light objects in the classroom.


What a special time of the year for everyone! After spending a wonderful day in Wadakiyama Plantation with our family, friends and teachers, we came back to school the following Monday to get ready for Christmas. In Cambridge this week, we reviewed vocabulary from ‘My Face’ and ‘My Family’; we discussed various emotions and practiced sentence structures such as ‘Are you …?’, ‘Yes, I am.’, and ‘No, I’m not.’. In Math, we brushed up on the concept of ‘More or Less’, reviewed the number 7, and went on a scavenger hunt in the classroom looking for items that are orange in colour and oval in shape. Critical thinking was the highlight of this festive season because we were singing more Christmas carols and started on our Christmas card craft. We can’t wait till the Christmas party next week when we can play more games and exchange presents with our friends.


It’s December, Christmas is coming! This week in K2 we started our week by making a Christmas tree to decorate our classroom. We used green paper and lots of circle stickers to decorate our tree.

We also started a new Math concept which is addition. We learned to count objects to determine the answer. We applied this concept in our Physical Play as well to help reinforce what we have learned in the classroom. Objects found in the playground were placed inside two hoops and the students then counted the objects altogether.

For English, we recalled the prepositions we learned by doing a page on our text book and we stood behind, between or next to objects around the classroom to check for understanding. What a great week of learning!


Good day everyone! Welcome to Week 15! In this week, our K3 students have learned about lights and shadows, and that we need light and an opaque object (e.g. a hand) to make a shadow. We tried to make our own shadow puppets using our hands, and also drew the outlines of the shadows on paper to make a beautiful drawing!

In our math lesson, we have learnt about the greater-than >, the less-than sign <, and the equal sign =. We played a game where we had to pretend the > and < sign are crocodiles and the crocodiles only like to eat the bigger numbers. When the two numbers are the same, the crocodile doesn’t know what to eat so it will look at us with an open mouth, and it will look like an equal sign.

For Cambridge, we talked about different parts of our faces and we use “a pair of” when we want to say we have two of something, like a pair of ears!

We had lots of fun this week and we can’t wait to start our last week of school before our Christmas Holiday!







1. 認識聖誕節是什麼

2. 認識聖誕節的環境佈置

3. 享受聖誕老人遊戲活動的樂趣


主題:「玩具真好玩」─ 珍惜玩具





1) 培養幼兒願意分享的品德

2) 培養愛惜已擁有的玩具

3) 學習社交技巧

4) 知道要珍惜身邊的事物。


主題----「食物」 今週是「食物」主題的最後一週。這週小朋友開始學習食物的來源,並找出不同食物的原材料。小朋友也互相討論著哪些人為我們帶來食物,例如農夫為人們種植蔬菜。其次,老師也教導小朋友要懂得珍惜食物和有哪些保存食物的方法。過程中,他們嘗試將食物放入保鮮袋或包上保鮮紙,並嘗試觀察使用與否的分別。此外,老師以一本繪本讓小朋友認識人體的消化系統,並了解我們吃下去的食物會去哪裡。

語文技巧方面,小朋友開始認識表示人物的詞語。老師和小朋友一起討論他們生活中經常接觸的人物,例如父母和老師。期間,他們嘗試去創作出一些包含人物在內的句式。另外,這週還使用了上下結構字的教具去讓他們重溫上下結構的字型。 學習目的:

1. 能說出食物的原材料


3. 能辨別出上下結構的字





學習目的:(1) 認識世界各地的特色食物

(2) 知道不同餐具的不同用法

(3) 學習尊重別人的飲食文化





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