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Highlights of the Week


Hello everyone! Wearing Christmas hats, looking at various decorations, learning more about Christmas, playing several Christmas games were all of the wonderful things our PN students did this week. We decorated a small Christmas tree with sweets and gifts. We learned some new vocabulary such as presents, snowman, Santa Claus and bells etc. We worked on own thinking skills by grouping blocks to complete a Santa and reindeer picture. For English, it was a review of Letters H to K. We explored the classroom looking for objects that begin with those letters. For Math, it was fun counting the presents and differentiating them according to their sizes – whether they are big or small. We sang and danced to Christmas carols. It was a lovely festive week!


The last week of school before the Christmas holidays came by so fast; K1 had a blast at the Christmas party on Friday dressed in our best festive gears. We had a great time playing Christmas dance freeze and making tiny snowmen with fake snow. In Cambridge, we practiced reading other’s emotions such as happy, sad, angry, scared, and tired. In Math, we compared our heights and reviewed the concept of tall and short. We looked around the classroom for items that are heart in shape and purple in colour. In Critical Thinking, we decorated a Christmas tree and finished our Christmas card for our mums and dads. It was an activity filled week for all to enjoy.We look forward to seeing everyone again after the holidays.


We started the week feeling excited for Christmas. One of our K2 classes made a Christmas card for Mom and Dad with a rainbow tree and wrote a loving message inside.

We continued our Maths lesson with the topic addition and practiced our adding skills through various Math games.

We started a new topic in Cambridge lesson about Transportation where we talked about our favourite transports around Hong Kong and categorize them to where they go - air, land or water.

We hope you will have a great Christmas holiday! See you again soon!


Hello everyone! Welcome to the last week of school before our Christmas holiday! Our K3A students were super excited for the Christmas Party on Friday!

In our Cambridge lesson, we learned that there are twelve months in a year. We sang a song to help our learners remember the order of the months. February is very tricky to spell!

For Critical Thinking, we sang some Christmas carols and read a Christmas story. We’ve talked about how not all reindeers can fly! Only the ones who help Santa Claus pull his sleigh are magical reindeers. We also made some Christmas crafts!

For Math, we learned how to make estimations. We played an estimation game in which we guessed how many marbles there were in the jar!

We had lots of fun this week and we wish everyone a wonderful holiday and an awesome year ahead! See you all in 2023!





在製作真雪雪人的活動中,幼兒對於真雪最感興趣,不但觸摸到雪冰冷的感覺,更可以自己創作出獨一無二的雪人,大大增添課堂的樂趣,大家都很喜歡聖誕節啊 !


1. 感受聖誕節普天同慶的歡樂氣氛

2. 享受製作小雪人的樂趣

3. 透過報佳音懂得欣賞別人歌唱






1. 認識聖誕節的由來

2. 認識聖誕節的慶祝方法

3. 感受送禮物表達心意




其次,小朋友還自行製作了精美的聖誕卡,以將聖誕祝福送給家人們。其中,也和同學們互相送上祝福。此外,老師還邀請小朋友一起討論聖誕派對時可以玩遊戲,例如他們說爭凳子。當然,聖誕節少不了的聖誕禮物。每位小朋友都很興奮和開心地急著要將自己準備的禮物送出。大家都迫不及待地享受聖誕歡樂的氣氛! 學習目的:


2. 能說出聖誕節的習俗和慶祝活動

3. 能享受聖誕節派對的歡樂







(1) 認識聖誕節來源

(2) 知道聖誕節的景象、物品和有關的食物

(3) 培養幼兒關懷別人的情操

普通話兒歌 PN





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