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Highlights of the Week


The PN students are ready to start the new year with more fun learning activities as everyone gets back from their Christmas break. It’s all about the body for this month’s theme. The children danced to the body song sung by their Cambridge friends, Pippa and Pop. While listening to the music, they were encouraged to point to different parts of their face such as the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. For English, the children worked on their creative skills to turn the letter L into a Lamp. They roared like lions and played with leaves as they discovered more words that start with the letter L. For Math, the PN students played different games to practice counting and review their numbers from 1 to 5.The activities ranged from stacking five blocks on top of one another to build a tower to tracing the dotted lines to learn how to write numbers 1-5. The teachers can’t wait to share and teach all the exciting lessons they have prepared for the children next week.


It’s been such an exciting week as we were all excited to see each other after a long break and share stories of what we did with our families over the Christmas break. The students enjoyed sharing pictures of their Christmas festivities with their classmates. In Cambridge, we started our new theme of ‘My House’ and it was lovely to see how the children related the furniture vocabulary we learned to the furniture they have at home. Critical thinking was lots of fun as we looked closely at what firefighters do; we loved dressing up as firefighters and putting out pretend fires on our interactive whiteboard. In Math, we practiced counting to 10 through exercise and games. It was a wonderful week and we look forward to more fun next week!


This week for Critical Thinking we are learning about veterinarians and what their jobs are. Students are asked to distinguish the differences between a vet and a doctor. Those students that have pets shared their experiences and their knowledge on a visit to the vet. A story and also videos were also used to help the students to understand the medical tools and further detailed description of what the vet does.

Then the students were given a check list in which they have to choose the symptoms of their chosen pet. The teacher and their classmates would also advise them on the necessary tools and treatment that is suitable for the related symptoms. Once the students are familiarized with the procedure, they are asked to role play between the person who has the pet and the vet. They had a lot of fun and this is a good chance to boost up their speaking confidence!

For Math this week, we are practicing numbers between 40 to 50. They are asked to write down all the numbers and then further practice on neighboring numbers. In addition, they were taught the concept of combination of number of 6 to 8 and they used real objects to create these combinations for better understanding.


Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday. We have heard some great stories of all the things our students have done. For this week we have we hit the ground running in our Math lessons with beginning to discuss and review place values. We discussed the importance of knowing where the ones place and tens place are for when we begin to add and subtract larger numbers. We are also interested in even larger place values, but we will continue to focus on just the ones and tens place. During our Critical Thinking this week we began to discuss another important community helper, paramedics. We discussed what they do and why their jobs are so important as a first responder. We also filled out an incident report, similar to what a paramedic might give to a nurse or doctor when dropping off a patient at the hospital. During our Physical Play time we learned some new games to play, such as jumbo jenga and the subtraction game. We hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


主題:「郊遊」─ 遊郊野公園


學習目的 :

1) 認識香港的郊野公園及設施

2) 認識郊遊的景觀

3) 享受模擬野餐的樂趣










主題:「交通工具」─ 認識陸路交通工具




1. 認識小巴的外型、設備、座位

2. 學習乘搭小巴需注意的事項

3. 認識巴士的特徵

4. 學習搭巴士的程序

5. 認識動詞

6. 認讀字彙的讀音與字義:港鐡、貨車、計程車、電車

7. 學習新歌「有趣的交通工具」





1) 認識四季不同的衣裳

2) 學習洗衣標籤上圖案符號的意思

3) 懂得按不同場合的衣服進行分類

普通話兒歌 PN





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