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Highlights of the Week


Hello everyone! It was nice to see all of the PN students back to school. The theme for this week is ‘Being Healthy’ and they learned about different healthy foods with their Cambridge friends Pippa and Pop. They also shared about what different foods they like and don’t like. For English, the PN students learned a new letter - the Letter O. They practiced making the Letter O using their bodies by twirling and stretching their arms around the classroom. There are some ‘O’ words they have learned as well like Octopus, Orange, On and Off. Everyone said they love oranges because they are healthy and delicious! For Math, the PN students learned the Number 6. They counted from 1-6 using their fingers and doing some exercises. It was so much fun doing a mini picnic where the PN students chose six different foods to put on their plates. This week has been so much fun!


Hello everyone! It was great to have our students back at school after the joyful Lunar New Year break. They had a lot to share at school about their adventures during the break. For Cambridge this week, we are learning all about the farm by exploring what animals live there counting them and adding “s” to the words with more than one such as 5 cats, 4 dogs etc. Our students were super excited about the topic as they all love animals. For Phonics, we are learning the sounds /g/ and /h/ and revised our vowel sounds too. Our Critical Thinking Lessons have been very meaningful this week as we talked about kindness and did role plays to allow our students to understand this concept better. They’ve all been super kind and amazing this whole week. For Maths, we are revising up, down, front and back, as well as, our shapes.


Welcome back! We started off the week with a big class discussion talking about how we spent our holidays and how many red packets we got. We were also very excited on bringing our new toys for Show and Tell.

This week, we started our new books in both Cambridge and Phonics. We learned about the four characters in our books that had super powers, Flash, Whisper, Thunder and Misty. What super powers would you like if you were given one? We are so excited to learn more about these characters in the next few chapters.

In Critical Thinking, we learned about a very important lesson on gratitude and being thankful. We listened to songs and enumerated some of the things we need to be thankful for every day. We read a book together on being grateful about little things like sunny days, the food that we eat and most especially our Grandparents. We started creating a present for our grandparents to show our gratefulness towards them.


Welcome back, everyone! We hope everyone had a wonderful New Year with family and friends. This week, we started off our new term in Critical Thinking with a discussion about a very important characteristic, Empathy. We learned that it’s about fully understanding how someone feels, and being able to relate and feel the same emotions as someone else. In our Maths lesson we reviewed past concepts, telling time and equations with subtraction and addition. We put more focus on combining analog clocks with their digital equivalent. Challenge your child by asking if they can read the clock when it is o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to. In our physical play this week we put a big focus on team play with different games that require teamwork to be successful.


主題: 「衣服/我的身體」─保護身體



學習目的 :

1. 認識身體上各器官及肢體的名稱

2. 認識眼、耳、口的名稱及位置

3. 認識眼、耳、口的功能及保護方法




學習目的 :

1. 認識農場不同的動物種類

2. 認識羊的特徵

3. 認識雞的讀音和字意


主題:「植物與小昆蟲」 -香港春天天氣與植物的生長關係



(1) 能說植物生長所需元素及過程

(2) 認識香港春天的天氣特徵

(3) 種植體驗 -種蔥頭




學習目的: (1) 認識四季的分別

(2) 知道氣候變化對人類的影響

(3) 認識保護環境的方法

普通話兒歌 PN





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